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My love for landscape photography began in Iceland. I began seeing images online of beautiful landscapes, and they many of them were from Iceland. I could not believe the diversity of landscapes that were all on this one tiny island nation. When I was able to see the landscape firsthand, I soon realized that Iceland is nature in its most raw form. It is at once peaceful, fierce and chaotic. Iceland invades all your senses. You can feel the strong wind pressing against your body. You can hear the creaking and moaning of a glacier as it carves a scar into the earth. You can smell the sulfur as it spews out of vents in the earth. You can taste the salty air, and are reminded that you are on an island in the North Atlantic. And you can see the beauty of this uniquely beautiful landscape where to earth seems to be expressing it's creative forces via volcanoes, earthquakes, glaciers, powerful winds, and rivers which seemingly run through the land like veins whose contents are the meting hundreds of years old ice that collects minerals and sediment to deposit into the ocean.

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