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Aerial Photography in Iceland with Volcano Pilot

For years I've been seeing these abstract images from Iceland that look like nothing I've ever seen. Turns out they are images of rivers in Iceland photographed from the air. No problem, I though, just pack the drone, take some extra batteries, and go to Iceland. Well, this was somewhat true, but when I first shot images from the sky, my results were a little disappointing, and really didn't look like these cool images I'd been seeing online. So I did a little research, and a little more, and one day I got a response from a guide in Iceland who told me "you know these images were shot from a plane don't you." No, no I didn't. This led me to search for a pilot who could fly me over the Icelandic landscape, and the name I kept seeing was @volcanopilot, Haraldur Diego.

We took a quick stop during our flights in Iceland

In this episode, Haraldur and I discuss what it's like to photograph the landscape from the air, things that you should be aware of before planning a trip to Iceland for this type of photography. Things like weather conditions, it can be cold, camera settings, airplane design, and more. Listen to the podcast below.

You can connect with Haraldur on Instagram, or on his website.

Here's some video I shot from the plane so you can see what it's like, and see that the rivers really do look like veins running through the landscape.

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