Explore the Faroe Islands Virtually

My personal guide in the Faroe Islands posed on the edge of this cliff to create this image of the fjords
This was my guide in the Faroe Islands overloooking the fjords

Well, we are all still pretty much staying at home and not traveling, which means there's probably not a lot of landscape photography and exploring happening these days. Lucky for you, the Faroe Islands are trying to help you discover and enjoy their beautiful landscape from the comfort of your own home. The way it works is, you get to have a virtual tour by a guide in the Faroe Islands, and you get to control the guide. It's like a video game. If you wan the guide to go left, you press the button to go left. If you wan the guide to jump up and down, you press the button to jump up and down. The guides have a camera attached to a helmet on their head, so you can see what they see, and they give a description about the locations that you are viewing. My understanding is that most people play along well and sort of go along with the guide's recommendations, but ultimately it's up to the person with the controller. If they want the guide to jump up and down, then the guide jumps up and down. CBS Sunday Morning had a segment about these guides this morning, and you can watch it here...

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