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White Pocket


White Pocket is located in northern Arizona, and is part of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. White Pocket is approximately 1 square mile, and is made of a collection of Navajo sandstone that has been eroded to form unusual shapes of red and white rock. The term "pocket" refers to a small area of land markedly different from adjacent land which here, like most of the plateau, are sandy plains sparsely covered by bushes and small trees. White, or light grey is the main rock color, in contrast to the red sandstone of the buttes, but the swirling patterns in the rock are similar

I traveled to White Pocket to photograph this unique landscape in April of 2021. This remote area is difficult to reach, and requires hours of off road driving in a high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicle in loosely packed sand. Once you arrive in White Pocket, there are no bathrooms, no running water, and no shelter of any kind, so it is imperative that you come prepared with food, a tent, and, most importantly, lots of water.

Geologists aren't exactly sure how these rocks formed. there are theories, but the white rock with the lines running through it, called brain rock, has them stumped, and they have no idea how it formed.

Click on one of the photos in the gallery on the right to open the gallery and enlarge the photo to see more images from this beautiful place.

The video below is drone footage I shot while at White Pocket.

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